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Bumiputera Statistics, 2022

Release Date : Tuesday 06, December 2022 1200



The inaugural publication of Bumiputera Statistics 2022 is first published to the public by the Department of Statistics Malaysia. The publication presents statistics at national and state level for the year of 2015 to 2022. This publication covers Bumiputera statistics in social and economic fields.

The total Bumiputera population in Malaysia in 2022 is estimated at 21.13 million (Male: 10.69 million; Female: 10.44 million). The sex ratio for Bumiputera in 2021 was 102.

Bumiputera life expectancy at birth was 70.5 years for men and 74.7 years for women in 2021. Meanwhile, the total fertility rate for Bumiputera was 2.1.

The six main causes of medically confirmed Bumiputera deaths in 2021 were COVID-19 Infection (17,654), Ischemic Heart Diseases (13,563), and Pneumonia (10,914), Cerebrovascular Diseases (6,905), Transport Accidents (2,131), and Diabetes Mellitus (2,070).

The number of Bumiputera labour force in 2021 recorded 9.26 million (Male: 5.58 million; Female: 3.68 million). The Bumiputera labour force participation rate recorded 65.8% (Male: 78.9%; Female: 52.6%), while the unemployment rate was at 5.0% (Male: 4.5%; Female: 5.8%).

The number of Bumiputera graduates in 2021 recorded 3.36 million (Male: 1.63 million; Female: 2.00 million). The labour force participation rate for Bumiputera graduates was 88.5% for men and 81.9% for women. The unemployment rate for male and female Bumiputera graduates recorded 5.0% and 4.3%, respectively.

For Bumiputera transfer of property in 2021, residential property recorded the number of transactions of 106,276 with a transfer value of RM30.83 billion. Meanwhile, commercial property recorded 2,834 transactions with a transfer value of RM1.45 billion.


The full publication can be downloaded through eStatistik portal.


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6 December 2022


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