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Asean: An Important Role In Malaysia's International Trade And Investment

Release Date : Thursday 16, October 2014 1200

ASEAN: Malaysia’s biggest merchandise trade partner

In 2013, Malaysia’s merchandise trade recorded the share of exports of 28.1 percent and imports 26.7 percent between the ASEAN Member states (AMSs).  The exports shares to AMSs of 28.1 percent was the highest followed by China (13.4%) and Japan (11.1%). The imports from AMSs also registered the highest share of 26.7 percent followed by China (16.4%) and EU-28 (10.8%).  Therefore, ASEAN is Malaysia’s biggest merchandise trade partner. Trade between Malaysia and among ASEAN nations is almost balanced.

Malaysia Merchandise Trade 2013



2013 Malaysia FDI registered the fourth largest Inflow in ASEAN.

The Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) Inflow of ASEAN registered a hefty USD122 billion in 2013. The ASEAN FDI Inflow grew fivefold since 1995 and Malaysia contributed the fourth largest Inflow at 10.0 percent after Singapore (50%), Indonesia (15.1%) and Thailand (10.6%). However, FDI Inflow in Services sectors registered a marginal 3.5 percent to the ASEAN FDI Inflow in Services Sector which was dominated by Singapore at 79.5 percent.

Recipients of ASEAN FDIS Inflows, 2013

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16 October 2014

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