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Median monthly salaries & wages of employees in 2018 rose 6.6 per cent to RM2,308
In 2018, 416.8 thousand teachers in Government & Government-aided Schools
Labour force in Malaysia increased 2.0% to nearly 15.3 million persons in 2018
Female LFPR rose 0.5 percentage points to 55.2 per cent in 2018

Social Statistics Bulletin, Malaysia, 2017

Release Date : Tuesday 31, October 2017 1200


Social Statistics Bulletin, Malaysia, 2017 presents selected statistics on population, housing, health, education, employment, welfare services, public safety and communication & recreation. These fields were identified as the basic measurement of the quality of life and social well-being. Selected social statistics on health, social welfare, public safety and communication & recreation are highlighted as follows:


Doctor to Population Ratio

The number of doctors increased from 46,491 (2015) to 50,087 persons in 2016. This showed an increase of 7.7 per cent as compared to 2015. The ratio of doctor to population for 2016 was 632 persons as compared to 671 persons in 2015.

Dentist to Population Ratio

In 2016, the number of dentists showed an increase of 12.6 per cent from 6,384 persons in 2015 to 7,186 persons. However, the ratio of dentist to population decreased from 4,885 persons (2015) to 4,402 persons (2016).


Dengue Fever

In 2016, Selangor recorded the highest dengue fever of 50.9 per cent with a decrease of 1.4 per cent as compared to 2015. Besides that, three states also recorded a decrease in dengue fever cases i.e. Johor (10.5%), Perak (3.7%) and Pulau Pinang (2.5%).


Active member for Employees Provident Fund

The highest composition of active Employee Provident Fund members was in the 26 - 35 years age group at 34.1 per cent.  This was followed by age groups 16 - 25 years and 36 - 45 years which recorded 24.2 and 21.3 per cent respectively.

Diagram 2: Percentage of active member for Employee Provident Fund by age group, Malaysia, 2016



Road Accidents

The number of road accidents reported increased at 59,043 cases from 462,423 cases (2012) to 521,466 cases (2016). However, the number of injuries in road accidents reported showed a decrease of 5,601 cases from 17,522 (2012) to 11,921 cases (2016). Number of deaths in road accidents reported between 6,600 cases to 7,200 cases during the same period.



Tourist arrivals

Tourist arrivals to Malaysia in 2016 increased to 4.0 per cent from 25,721,251 persons (2015) to 26,757,392 persons (2016). In 2016, the highest percentage of tourists were from Singapore (13,272,961 persons). This was followed by tourists from Indonesia (3,049,964 persons) and China (2,142,942 persons).

Diagram 4: Five countries with highest tourist arrivals to Malaysia, 2016


The detailed information regarding this report can be accessed through the eStatistik application in the website of Department of Statistics, Malaysia, www.dosm.gov.my.


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31 October 2017

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Ho Mei Kei
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Corporate and User Services Division
Department of Statistics, Malaysia
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