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Malaysia’s economy contracted 5.6 per cent in 2020

GDP by State, 2010-2014

Release Date : Friday 30, October 2015 1200


The Malaysian economy grew at a stronger pace in 2014 with a growth of 6.0 per cent (2013: 4.7 per cent). Better momentum was recorded by all sectors especially Services and Manufacturing spearheading the growth.



The contribution of GDP in 2014 was led by Selangor with 22.4 per cent followed by WP Kuala Lumpur (15.1 per cent), Sarawak (10.1 per cent), Johor (9.3 per cent) and Sabah (6.5 per cent). These five states contributed 63.4 per cent to the national economy as depicted in Chart 1.




Six states surpassed the national growth  of 6.0 per cent led by WP Kuala Lumpur  (8.4 per cent) contributed by Services  sector as shown in Chart 1. Overall, the Services sector is also the main impetus for WP Labuan (5.3 per cent), Perlis (5.1 per cent), Kelantan (5.0 per cent),  Perak (4.6 per cent), Kedah (4.2 per cent), Pahang (3.9 per cent) and Negeri Sembilan (3.1 per cent). Meanwhile, economy in Pulau Pinang  and Melaka were largely driven by Manufacturing sector with a growth of 8.0 per cent and 7.6 per cent respectively.

Sabah’s economy expanded to 5.0 per cent in 2014 which was influenced by the moderate growth in Services and Mining & Quarrying sectors. Meanwhile, Sarawak (4.3 per cent) was driven by Agriculture and Services sectors. However, a slower growth in Mining and Quarrying sector dragged down the overall GDP for  Sarawak.



Selangor and WP Kuala Lumpur were the major contributors for Services sector in Malaysia with a combined share of 49.9 per cent (Chart 2). Wholesale & Retail Trade activities were the significant contributors to most of the states. On the other hand, Terengganu and WP Labuan were supported  by Utilities and Finance & Insurance subsectors respectively.



Services sector recorded the highest contribution in WP Kuala Lumpur (88.5 per cent), WP Labuan (72.9 per cent), Kelantan (65.4 per cent) and Perlis (62.4 per cent) as shown in Chart 3.


Contribution of Selangor to the  overall Manufacturing sector stood at 28.8 per cent followed by Pulau Pinang (12.5 per cent), Johor (12.4 per cent) and Sarawak (12.0 per cent) as depicted in Chart 4.        

The Manufacturing sector grew by 6.2 per cent backed by a strong performance of Electrical and Electronic Products in Pulau Pinang, Selangor and Johor. Meanwhile, Motor Vehicles and Transport Equipment activity supported Manufacturing sector in Selangor, Melaka and Pahang. The rebound in Refined Petroleum Products at national level was contributed by Sarawak, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan. In addition, the improvement in Chemicals & Chemical Products and Pharmaceutical activity in Terengganu and Selangor contributed positively to the overall Manufacturing  performance.

Sabah remained as the largest contributor in Agriculture sector with 18.1 per cent, followed by Sarawak, Johor, Pahang and Perak as shown in Chart 5. These five states collectively contributed 72.3 per cent to the overall Agriculture sector, mainly due to contribution from Oil Palm subsector.




Selangor and WP Kuala Lumpur were the main contributors in Construction sector with a combined share of 56.2 per cent (Table 1). These states continued to register a double digit growth in 2014.




GDP Per Capita at national level rose from RM33,721 to RM36,165 in 2014 (Table 2).  Six states which exceeded this level were WP Kuala Lumpur being the top of the list with RM91,097 followed by WP Labuan (RM56,062), Sarawak (RM44,437), Pulau Pinang (RM42,186), Selangor (RM40,701) and Melaka (RM38,766). All states recorded an increase of GDP Per Capita ranging from RM549 to RM8,835.



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30 October 2015

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