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2017, gross output in Real Estate Services sector was RM32.8 bil.
2017, number of workers in Accommodation sector was 139,410 persons
Total revenue for wholesale and retail trade sector was RM1,321.7 billion in 2018

Sales value of goods and services for distributive trade sector in 2013 grew by 6.6% compared to 2008

Release Date : Thursday 30, April 2015 12:00 pm
Last Updated : Thursday 30, June 2016 09:00 am

Department of Statistics, Malaysia has conducted Census of Distributive Trade in 2014 for reference year 2013. Since 2003, the census has been conducted every 5 years. The census covered all registered establishments engaged in the wholesale trade, retail trade and motor vehicle activities. The report contains comprehensive information on the growth, structure and economic profile; and will be used by the Government among others as input for policy formulation in Malaysia Plan and Economic Transformation Plan.

In year 2013, there were a total of 370,725 establishments undertaking business activities in Malaysia and 260,664 or 70.3% of business establishments were in the retail trade sub-sector. Meanwhile, 15.4% or 57,050 establishments were engaged in wholesale trade activity and motor vehicles activity 14.3% or 53,011 establishments.

370,725 establishments operating in Malaysia generated sales value of goods and services of RM841.6 billion.

From the total sales value of goods and services, wholesale trade sub-sector contributed 52.5% or RM442.2 billion, followed by the retail trade sub-sector, 33.2% or RM279.1 billion and motor vehicles sub-sector, 14.3% or RM120.4 billion.

In 2013, there were 1.7 million employees in the distributive trade sector, where the majority of workers were employed in the retail trade sub-sector was 53.6%. This is followed by the wholesale trade sub-sector, 30.2% and motor vehicles sub-sector, 16.2%.

Total salaries and wages disbursed in 2013 was RM39.0 billion. Retail trade sub-sector recorded the highest with RM19.8 billion (50.9%), followed by wholesale trade sub-sector, RM13.3 billion (34.2%) and motor vehicles sub-sector, RM5.8 billion (14.9%).

Distributive trade sector posted an average monthly salary of RM2,410. Wholesale trade sub-sector recorded the highest average monthly salary with RM2,727, followed by retail trade sub-sector, RM2,289 and motor vehicles sub-sector, RM2,216.

A total of 362,099 establishments or 97.7% in the distributive trade sector were categorised as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The micro category recorded the highest number with 294,766 establishments or 81.4%. This was followed by small category, 61,122 establishments (16.9%) while medium category, 6,211 establishments (1.7%).

The highest number of SMEs was recorded in retail trade sub-sector with 254,240 establishments (70.2%), while wholesale trade and motor vehicles sub-sector, 55,214 establishments (15.3%) and 52,645 establishments (14.5%) respectively.

Sales value of goods and services generated by SMEs was RM485.0 billion with small category as the largest contributor, RM235.6 billion or 48.6%. SMEs in distributive trade sector engaged 1.4 million employees. A total of 1.0 million employees or 70.7% were employed as paid full-time employees.

From 370,725 active business establishments in operation, there were 72,532 establishments or 19.6% owned by women. The highest women-owned establishments were in the retail trade sub-sector which 87.1% followed by wholesale trade sub-sector (8.5%) and motor vehicles sub-sector (4.4%). 


The main findings of Census of Distributive Trade Sector 2014 reference year 2013 are as shown:

The findings of the Census of Distributive Trade, 2013 as compared to 2008 is shown as in  Appendix 1.


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