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No Subject Frequency Questionnaires Guideline
1. Price Collection of Building Materials Monthly -
2. Producer Price Survey Monthly -
3. Collection of Consumer Prices Monthly - -
4. Rent Survey Monthly - -
5. Services Producer Price Index Quarterly -



 1. Price Collection of Building Materials

The Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) conducts monthly price collection of building materials throughout Malaysia. Data that is collected from this survey will be used to measure the average change in prices of building materials and components of mechanical & electrical. Approximately, there are 10,020 price quotations which covers 15 main groups of building materials and 6 main groups of mechanical & electrical components. From 10,020 price quotations, 7,817 are items of building materials while 2,803 are the components of mechanical & electrical that are collected  from almost 830 outlets. The specifications and weightage used in this survey are prepared by the Public Works Department (JKR) and  is updated every five years.


 2. Producer Price Survey

Producer Price Survey is conducted by the Department of Statistics Malaysia on a monthly basis. The questionnaire was distributed by email or post to the respondent (producer) for completion and must be returned to the Department of Statistics Malaysia within 30 days. A total of 1,063 commodities from 281 industries comprising 5 economic sectors, namely Agriculture, forestry & fisheries, Mining, Manufacturing, Electricity & gas supply and Water supply (based on the Malaysian Industry Classification Standards, 2008) were covered in this survey. The objective of the survey was to collect commodity price data for goods sold in the local market valued at the ex-factory price, ex-farm price or price of landing time (for fishing sector only)  specified in the basket of goods of Producer Price Index (PPI).This price data is used as input in the construction of the monthly PPI. The PPI is used as a deflator in the provision of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a preliminary indicator to the Consumer Price Index and projections and economic analysis by policymakers, economists and academics. The PPI is published in the monthly issue of the "Producer Price Index Local Production" for public.


 3. Collection of Consumer Prices

The Department of Statistics, Malaysia carries out monthly consumer price collection for the whole country. It covers a total of 137 collection centres, that is, 97 price collection locations in Peninsular Malaysia, 21 price collection locations in Sabah and 19 in Sarawak. Field officers will collect prices of 552 items from these selected outlets by using a tablet. The main objective of the price collection is to obtain data on prices paid by the consumers for fixed items in the basket of goods and services. These data will be used to compute the Consumer Price Index where in general, the index will be used as an indicator for price changes and as a 'proxy' of the inflation rate for the country.


 4. Rent Survey

House rent is one of the main services where prices is being collected and is taken into the calculation of Consumer Price Index. The Rent Survey is conducted in a quarterly basis i.e. in the month of January, April, July and October. There are two types of form used during the price collection of house rent, namely Form 48A and 48B whereby:

Form 48A - for the new selected living quarters
Form 48B - for the selected existing living quarters

The rent collected is the actual rent paid by the tenant to the house owner in the reference month. The types of living quarter (LQ) for which the price is collected are from eight categories namely; Single storey detached; Double storey detached; Single storey semi-detached; Double storey semi-detached; Single storey terrace; Double storey terrace; Apartment/Condominium and Low Cost Flat/Shop houses.


 5. Services Producer Price Index

The Department of Statistics, Malaysia (DOSM) is currently conducting the Services Producer Price Index Survey 2020. The survey covers 8 subsectors from Services Sector which are Transportation, Accomodation; Food & Beverage Services Activities, Information & Communication, Real Estate Activities, Professional, Education, Health and Arts, Entertainment & Recreation (based on the Malaysia Standard Industrial Classification, 2008). This is field work survey. The respondents consist from establishment and they are given 1 month to complete and return the questionnaires to the Department. The main objective of the survey is to collect the services price information and specifications offered by each establishements and subsectors. The data are used as deflator in the compilation of Index of Services (Ios) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The information collected is published in the publication namely "Services Producer Price Index".