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Population and Demography

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No Subject Frequency Questionnaires Guideline
1. Population and Housing Census Malaysia Once in 10 years - -
2. Census Coverage Evaluation Survey Once in 10 years    


 1. Population and Housing Census Malaysia

Population and Housing Census Malaysia is a census project to be conducted in all residential areas throughout Malaysia. This census project is carried out once every 10 years. The last census was conducted in 2010 and the Census 2020 was the next census to be implemented since the establishment of Malaysia in 1963. The implementation of the Census 2020 is in accordance with the provisions of the Census Act 1960 (revised 1969). This Act also ensures that all personal information collected is confidential and will not be disclosed. The data collected include various demographic, social and economic features of the population and households obtained from the Census. Information on the housing stock, the features of the house structure and the amenities of the residence were also collected. The objective of implementing the census is to provide comprehensive and detailed population and housing stock and population profiles to the smallest geographical level as a benchmark for demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the population. The latest and comprehensive census data will be a key and important source in the preparation of the National Development Plan. For more information on the Malaysian Population and Housing Census 2020, please visit www.mycensus.gov.my.

 2. Census Coverage Evaluation Survey (PLB)

PLB is an investigation in which all Households in the Enumeration Block (EB) will be recalculated. It will run for one month after the Population and Housing Census Malaysia. The rate of coverage is derived from the difference between the PLB and the census and will be used as the basis for adjusting to the population, households and residential areas in the census. Analysis of coverage errors and content and experiences gained from PLB can serve as a guide for improvement in future census planning and implementation.