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Statistics Data Warehouse (StatsDW)

Statistics Data Warehouse (StatsDW) is an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) of the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM). It stores historical data from as early as 1974 from various censuses and surveys conducted by the DOSM as well as compiled data for economic indicators. StatsDW enable fast and easy access to data stored (eg: time series data) and facilitate wider access for users according to user requirements and level of access permitted.

Apart from functioning as a data storage, it also provides interactive platform through eDataBank, Data Visualisation and Location Intelligence where users can explore and utilize freely.

For the time being, StatsDW consists of mainly the annual data and may not be the latest. We are expanding the scope to quarterly and monthly in the near future. We are uploading the latest data from time to time and also the historical data in stages. Users are advised to access the DOSM portal www.dosm.gov.my for latest releases.

If you have any comments or suggestions, kindly email to us at helpdesk.statsdw@dosm.gov.my. All the modules can only be accessed using Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


eDataBank is an electronic data bank of Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM). Users may compile their own tables and graphs and export these tables in different file formats. The information can be accessed, downloaded and printed.
Data Visualisation
Department of Statistics Malaysia has traditionally presented its data in many ways: in articles, press releases, tables, databank, maps, bar charts, pie charts, and line graphs. New interactive visualisation techniques were first introduced in 2015, with the Industrial Production Index and the Population Pyramid as the best known examples. These visualisations give a clearer insight into how important data on a specific area interact.