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Press Feedback

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1 Masih Tunggu Duit Banci Penduduk Utusan Malaysia, Forum/12 22-12-2010
2 Not A Part Of Recent Census Exercise The Star, Page N58 27-08-2010
3 And Left Out Of Census The Sun Daily 27-08-2010
4 Why No Enumerator? The Sun Daily 26-08-2010
5 Another Round Of Census The Sun Daily 23-08-2010
6 Census Chief's Comments Uncalled For The Sun, Letters 20-08-2010
7 And Religion Doubts Over E-Census Malaysiakini 20-08-2010
8 E-Census Error - How Can It Happen? Free Malaysia Today 19-08-2010
9 Inaccurate Data of Little Use The Sun, Letters, Page 15 12-08-2010
10 Waiting For The Census Takers The Sun, Speak Up, Page 3 09-08-2010
11 Could He Have Been Bogus Census Taker New Straits Times, Letters, Page 20 06-08-2010
12 Is The Census For Selected Household The Sun, Extra, Page 12 05-08-2010
13 Still Waiting To Be Counted New Straits Times, Letters, Page 18 03-08-2010
14 Fasa Ketiga Banci Tertangguh Sinar Harian, Kuala Lumpur, S7 02-08-2010
15 In Computer Terms, It's Garbage In Garbage Out New Straits Times, Letters, Page 18 28-07-2010
16 Why Wasn't I Asked All 51 Questions New Straits Times, Letters/20 23-07-2010
17 Not Put Census Card In Proper Place The Sun, Speak Up/12 20-07-2010
18 Census Takers In Hurry To Complete Task The Star, Letter Page N52 16-07-2010
19 Feedback On Fruitless Counting Homeless The Sun Daily 16-07-2010
20 Puzzled By Census Exercise The Star, Letter, Page N45 15-07-2010