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Glossary A-Z

value added

Value added is the increment to the value of commodities and services contributed by the manufacturing establishment. Value added is derived as the difference between value of gross output and intermediate input.

Source : Manufacturing
Source Detail : Economic Census, Manufacturing,2016
value of fixed assets

Fixed assets cover all goods, new or used, tangible or intangible, which have a normal economic life span of more than one year (e.g. land, building, machinery and equipment, including transport equipment). The value reported is as at the end of the reference year and is according to the books of accounts of the reporting unit. It includes additions during the year and excludes assets disposed off during the year. It is net of depreciation.

Source : Manufacturing
Source Detail : Economic Census
value of gross output

Value of gross output is calculated from the following items :
Value of sales of manufactured products
+ plus        Value of goods sold in the same condition as purchased
- minus     Cost of goods sold in the same condition as purchased                                                                                                                      + plus       Capital expenditure on own construction                                                                                                                                                   + plus       Income from industrial services rendered to others                                                                                                                               + plus       Income from other industrial work done (e.g. construction, quarry, etc.)
+ plus       Receipt from scrap, electricity, waste product, etc. sold to others
+ plus       Receipt from commission and brokerage earned
+ plus       All other output (such as receipt from non-industrial
services, e.g. management fees received, income from
rental of property, etc.)
+ plus      Closing stocks of finished goods (own manufactured)
- minus    Opening stocks of finished goods (own manufactured)
+ plus      Closing stocks of goods-in-process
- minus    Opening stocks of goods-in-process                                                             


Source : Manufacturing
Source Detail : Economic Census
value of intermediate input

The cost of intermediate input is in current purchaser’s price and is defined to include the following elements:
Value of materials and supplies consumed
+ Cost of industrial work done by others;
+ Electricity and water purchased;
+ Value of fuels, lubricants and gas consumed;
+ Cost of materials used for repairs and maintenance of assets (including payments to others for this work);
+ Payment for non-industrial services including cost of carriage outwards, management, legal services, in formation technology, advertising, legal fees, postage, etc.); and
+ All other input costs (including training and value of the free wearing apparel provided for the workers).

Source : Construction
Source Detail : Report On Survey Of Construction Industries Malaysia
value of materials consumed

Value of materials consumed is the cost of the materials delivered to the establishment and is inclusive of transport, cost of insurance, value of packaging materials charged for, and all taxes, duties and levies paid on the goods. It excludes discounts or rebates allowed to the purchaser and returns such as the value of packing materials returned to suppliers.

Source : Manufacturing
Source Detail : Economic Census
value of sales of manufactured products

Value of sales of manufactured products reported in this publication refers to the sales of products made during the reference year irrespective of when the products were produced. This value of sales refers to the sale of products manufactured by the establishment itself.

Source : Manufacturing
Source Detail : Economic Census
veterinary Services

Refer to the provision of medical and health services to animals provided by establishments operated by persons (issued with annual practicing certificates) registered with the Veterinary Council establishment under the Veterinary Surgeons Act, 1974.

This group includes animal health care and control activities for farm animals and animal health care and control activities for pet animals. These activities are carried out by qualified veterinarians when working in veterinary hospitals as well as when visiting farms, kennels or homes, in own consulting and surgery rooms or elsewhere. This group also includes activities of veterinary assistants or other auxiliary veterinary personnel, clinic-pathological and other diagnostic activities pertaining to animals and animal ambulance activities.

Source : Services
Source Detail : Economic Census - Business Services
viral hepatitis A

Acute   illness   typically   including   fever,   malaise,   extreme   fatigue, anorexia, nausea, acute jaundice and right upper quadrant of abdomen tenderness with raised alanine aminotransferase more than 2.5 times normal rate.

Source : Environment
Source Detail : Compendium of Environment Statistics
volatile organic compounds (vocs)
Organic compounds that evaporate readily and contribute to air pollution mainly through the production of photochemicals oxidants.
Source : Environment
Source Detail : Compendium of Enviroment Statistics

Volume, where shown, represent the net weight or other measurement of the goods exclusive of packing containers. Where a commodity item comprises different kinds of commodities for which a common unit of measurement cannot be used, only values are shown.

Source : External Sector
Source Detail : Monthly External Trade Statistics